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Farming Difference...

Triple Star Acres is unique in its approach to farming, in that we raise our animals humanely and in as natural of an environment as possible.  All of our beef, pork, chickens and turkeys are raised without the use of any antibiotics, artificial hormones, growth promoting drugs or chemicals.

**Our Heritage Yorkshire pigs are 8-10 weeks old when we purchase them from a local farmer who breeds heritage breeds.  In early spring we receive our piglets to raise until fall or winter.  They are free to be indoors and outdoors as the barn door is always open to the outdoor spacious pen where they are free to roam and dig.  Our pigs are fed a certified Non Gmo diet, which includes a pure vegetable protein and garden culls from our vegetable garden.

**Our beef is grass fed.  The cattle is raised in the most natural way possible, are free to graze at pasture everyday, and are fed high quality round bales of hay throughout the winter months.

**Our free roaming chickens are free to be outdoors or indoors from spring to fall.  They spend their days outside and forage in plants, eating insects, and are fed a certified Non Gmo pellet as well.

**Our free roaming turkeys are also raised outdoors from spring to fall.  They also spend their days outside and forage in plants and eating insects, and the barn door is always open for them to come in and out.

Our animals are not rushed to weight, and usually take double the time of the average farm.  The animals are fed a high quality Non Gmo diet as well as fresh water that gives them the nourishment to thrive.  The lighting in the barns are all natural and offer stress free environment for them to grow.

Processing Difference...

Triple Star Acres works closely with Provincially Regulated and Approved Abattoirs.  

The poultry processing plant is less than 1 minute away, which is unheard of and unique to our farm, allowing for minimal stress to be endured by the animals resulting in a much higher quality product.  The poultry is processed, refrigerated and  packaged on the same day of harvest; ensuring freshness that is unmatched in the industry.  Lastly, our processing plant has a live government inspector checking each bird, as they move throughout the plant.

The pork and beef is not rushed to harvest, and we travel less than 45 minutes to the processing facility.  This process alone reduces stress on the animal and is extremely humane.  

All the pork and beef is processed, individually packaged and frozen to lock in the fantastic flavour.  All cured pork is naturally smoked and cured in an old fashion smoker.  At no time are chemicals used to artifically smoke the pork.

All the beef is dry hung to age a month for optimal tenderness and flavor.  Finally each cut of beef is individually packaged and frozen to lock in the freshness and superior flavor.

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