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The Veggie Garden...

The Labine family is proud to produce top quality vegetables and garlic throughout the summer months (end of July to middle of September).  We use a mix of traditional and innovative farming methods to produce the best flavour and top nutrition.  We only use the manure from our animals combined with a locally purchased organic fertilizer.

Our farming practices reflect on our respect for the land and working together as a family.  As farmers, we know how important it is to protect the environment.  Here are some of the initiatives we have undertaken to keep our farming green.

* Recycling
* Composting
* Re-use
* Manual Labour practices such as hand weeding, tilling and picking by hand
* Efficient drainage throughout our fields


Our product has and always will be fresh and top quality.  All of our products are hand picked the day before, or the same day, as it is sold to our customers.  We only pick produce when it's ripe in the field to ensure freshest taste.  We locally source a limited amount of other produce to supplement our own products.  For these products, we have long-standing relationships with these farmers whom we feel have demonstrated consistency and ethical growing practices over time as well.


We know everyones lives are extremely busy, that is why we maintain many options to get food to our customers.  We carry a diverse line of products in our farm store, with the goal to be a "one stop shop" for our customers.


Our family wants to keep our land strong and healthy for many years to come.  We strive to have the smaller ecological footprint and produce the best.  We participate in sustainable farming practices such as soil and erosion protection, crop rotation, pest management, and very limited sprays to keep the soil as rich as possible.


All of the produce we sell in our farm store comes from our farm or other local farms in the area.  Here's a list of the vegetables we offer in the summer months;

*   Tomatoes                                                                   
*   Cucumbers                                                                
*   Radishes
*   Beets
*   Cauliflower
*   Cabbage
*   Onions
*   Red and White Potatoes
*   Peas
*   Carrots
*   Yellow and Green Beans
*   Zucchinis
*   Acorn Squash
*   Butternut Squash
*   Garlic
*   Yellow and Peach's n Cream Corn
*   Pumpkins

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